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Forex-Analysis for 17September 2013

A part of the gap, with which the USD started the week yesterday, he could make amends. From the euro-area at comes 05:00 h the data on the economic outlook. From the United States today come at 08:30 h the numbers for consumer price inflation. This is likely all that is better than the forecast, the USD give buoyancy. Anything less will result in sharp losses.

Long: > 1,3352
S/L: 25 Pips
TP:  40 pips
Trailing Stop:  25 Pips

Short: < 1,3305
S/L: 25 Pips
TP:  45 Pips
Trailing Stop: 25 Pips

Also from the UK inflation data come today at 04:30 h. If there is no gross outliers here, they should support the bullish course of GBP on. This could be curbed only if the data from the U.S. exceed the forecasts today.

Long: > 1,5921
S/L: 25 Pips
TP:  50 Pips
Trailing Stop: 25 Pips

Short: < 1,5866
S/L: 25 Pips
TP:  40 Pips
Trailing Stop: 20 Pips


The data for entry, S/L and TP are shown as a guide only and that is probably conservative. They can be adapted to the current market behavior and your own trading style. Also be reminded at the possibility to take part of the benefits in a positive trade.

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Risk Warning / Disclaimer
The opinions of the author to market behavior do not constitute a solicitation to buy or sell any financial products, but are merely a personal opinion. When you go into the trade in leveraged financial products, you must be aware that a loss up to the amount of your deposit and in addition, can also be an obligation to arise. Make yourself familiar with the active trade or get independent advice before you invest your own money and use only invest money that you can get over the worst case.