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Automatic Forex trade (EA Expert Advisor) means a finished trading system that is making

the trade for prefabricated signal values, without the need for manual intervention by the
Trader, within the trading platform. An EA works for the values of a successful trading
strategy, ie a strategy that has proven its success over a longer period. An EA is more
successful in general than a manually-working traders because of this the psychological
component is a big weakness sometimes. This falls completely away from an EA.

A variant of the automatic trading is the Mirror Trading. In this case, the merchant has
the ability to copy the commercial movements of other successful traders. The dealer gets
from his broker, if they sell Mirror Trading, all relevant information about handlers, you
could copy. This includes information such as the ratio of profit to losing trades, the
rate for an extended period or the results classified in different currency pairs. If you
want to copy a dealer, then you can determine how much of your contribution to the copy you
provide will be used and what percentage of this amount for a single trade. Furthermore
there is the possibility of a trade that has been opened by the Mirror Trader Platform to
close it manually, for example, you should be of the opinion that the top income threshold
is reached or the risk of loss is too great. The more time you are actively trading with
the mirror, the more rarely you will manually intervene because the traders already copied
some experience grew.

While with an EA is dependent on the statements regarding the creator of profit usually, if
you do not write yourself, you can get as Mirror Trading, in the selection of, or to be
copied Trader rely entirely on your own judgment. Mirror Trading in the area we can
recommend xemarkets, because a very good Mirror Trading platform is combined with a
reliable and customer-oriented brokers together.


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