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Cooling down of the Syrian crisis burdened the Yen, AUD with strong growth

Deduction from "Safe Haven"

The current development in the Syrian crisis, in which an attack by the U.S. military seems at least initially averted, has a negative impact on the Japanese yen. As the conflict threatened to get in a hot phase, a large amount of capital was pulled out of the currencies of emerging markets, as was the fear that an escalating conflict in the Middle East will have a long term negative impact on the economy of these countries. The Yen as a "Safe Haven" had benefited from this development, since this liberated capital was invested in large part in this.
After the conflict seems now first appears in defused the investors regain a higher risk appetite and now the reverse effect moves capital from the "Safe Haven" investments to emerging markets again.

The JPY currently has against all major Couterparts recorded losses. The pair USD/JPY rise 0.70% currently at a price of 100.27 and EUR/JPY rising 0.62% to 1.3279 at. The GBP against the yen can record a current gain of 0.67% at 157.31.

AUD continues to recover

The price of the Australian dollar today could continue its recovery after it had already fallen in the last six months by 9.5%.  The new investor confidence in the AUD is justified with the statement by the RBA to plan no further interest rate cuts in the future. Also the positive Chinese growth further supports the AUD, because China is one of Australia's major trading partners.

The AUD is currently against all major Couterparts seen some strong gains. The pair AUD/USD rising 0.66% to 0.9288 currently and the pair EUR/AUD drops by 0.76% to 1.4253. The pair GBP/AUD is gains 0.63% to 1.6899 and the pair AUD/JPY rises by 1.40% to 93.17.

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